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Young reporters at the YOG

This is an interview with one of the Young Reporters Piotr Filipp who will come to Singapore so soon. I got to know this amazing person last year, when we were the participants of YRTC (Young Reporters Training Camp) 2009
- So, Piotr, I know you quite well, but can you introduce yourself to our readers?

- I'm an 18-year-old student of Stefan ?eromski High School in Warsaw. I run an active life.  I like riding a bike. I think I should emphasise that I live in  Warsaw. I love hiking and writing for local and school magazines. I'm really into Computer Science. What's more, I belong to ILS  (International Life Saving) because I am a water lifeguard.

- What is so good about being a reporter for you? and a sports reporter in particular?

- Being a reporter is a very beneficial activity, due to the fact that I can meet new people (including celebrities and sport stars). By travelling all around the world, which is neccessary to write interesting articles, I improve my language skills. I'm gaining new abilities and widening horizonts all the time.

- Tell us something about the YRTC.

- The YRTC is a big adventure of my life. It's a great opportunity to get to know other cultures and foreign languages. Moreover, the YRTC shows that conncection between other cultures is possible.  To sum up, it made me think more international.

- You were chosen among a hundred YRTC campers. Why do you think it happened? How do you feel?

- I feel extremely honoured, I really apprecciate it. Each day I was taking thousands of pictures and I was supposed to choose about one hundred of them. I must have added a lot of interesting interviews. I was preparing long and detailed descriptions of different events. I was very ambitious. I didn't have any difficulties in gaining new journalism skills and knowledge. And... maybe I am a bit tallented person =).
- That's for sure! You are a very talanted person! So what is your mission during the the YOG?
- My mission during YOG is to use my journalism skills I have gained at Young Reporters Training Camp 2009. I will have an opportuinity to become a Youth Olympic Games reporter in a proffessional way.
- What do you expect from the YOG, Piotr?
- I hope to see the Olympic values of Exellence, Friendship and Respect. I expect to observe the struggle of young people with their weaknesses bravely.
- Do you want to say something to all the participants?
- To all the YOG participants: Good luck! I hope that YOG will give you a chance to realize your dreams. I would like to assure you that I will report your sports struggle faithfully.

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